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Texmaker 3.0 remodeled GUI

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Texmaker, a free GUI editor for typesetting with latex is available in version 3.0 with new features.

The user interface has changed substantially: The editor does not use more tabs, and the PDF viewer is now integrated into the main window. Also new: The key combination [Ctrl + Space] toggles between the editor and PDF viewer. In addition, the Preamble makes a latex document now retract, and the user can extend the automatic completion of commands with their own comments. A detailed list of changes can be found in the Changelog.


Texmaker 3.0

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Texmaker multifunctional editor LaTeX documents on Qt4, supporting the view changes in real time.

New features in version 3.0:

  • significantly changed interface: for the editor and PDF viewer tab is no longer used, now available for two panels to the editor and viewer (with a screen resolution of 1400 pixels wider);
  • preamble can be rolled back (from the first line to the command \ begin {document});
  • Now users can add items to the list of autocomplete commands;
  • added full screen mode;
  • command \ addbibresource {} work like \ bibliography {};
  • (more…)