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PulseAudio 1.0 release

by admin ·

The new version of the popular sound server PulseAudio 1.0.

A short list of changes:

  • Control Protocol using dbus
  • Ability to change the volume of inflows
  • Direct transmission of compressed audio playback device that support it
  • Echo compensation

Adobe puts Flash fix a critical error in Linux because of the low value

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September 12 in bug tracking system, Adobe was reported that a critical error in Flash Player 11 for 32 – and 64-bit platforms. Bug is that Flash can not record sound with the “Default device” to ALSA.

Many popular Linux distributions to a given query “Default device” is forwarded to the PulseAudio-ALSA-plugin. At the same time, Flash is trying to use direct access to an audio device, so if the system as PulseAudio instead of simply relying on PulseAudio, Flash creates a list of audio devices on their own and trying to work with them directly. The path is either correct the error in the use of plug-PulseAudio-ALSA, or embed in support PulseAudio.