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Linux Mint Debian Edition receives updates packs

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The Debian version of Linux Mint distribution should be changed from a rolling-release publishing model to periodic updates.

As the developer of the surprisingly successful, according to Distrowatch Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) proclaimed , is the disadvantage of arriving almost continuously updates that it can occasionally cause problems. Since LMDE is based on Debian Testing, from time to time problems with package dependencies or errors in the packets themselves to expect. The developers want to improve the situation now by creating two new repositories. In “Linux Mint Debian Incoming” to shrink the packages from Debian testing, where they can be tested by the Linux Mint developers. Once a month, found the packages together for good in “Debian Linux Mint Latest” be transferred to where they are normal users. For example wool, the developers combine the advantages of a rolling-release with those of a frozen state, which tested and consistent. The distribution is also a specialized version of Linux Mint will update manager that is able to display information about the update packs.