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ncmpcpp 0.5.9

by admin ·

The new version of ncmpcpp, - Open-ncurses-client for the music player with a client-server architecture MPD (Music Player Daemon). ncmpcpp is a fork ncmpc and more advanced than its predecessor. And as a client to the MPD, it has:

  • Handbook (F1)
  • Playlist (F2)
  • File Browser (F3)
  • Music (local) (F4)
  • Media Library (F5)
  • Managing playlists (F6)
  • Tag Editor (F7)
  • List of sockets for audio output (F8), are used to output audio and visualizer.
  • Visualizer (F9)
  • Hours (F10)



The development of MPD-client GMPC will be stopped

by admin ·

Developer GMPC – one of the oldest book for the musical demon MPD (about eight years), decided to terminate its development. The reason is the lack of support from the community despite the fact that the author has no time currently to support the project yourself. As a last resort developer posted in the latest version of the source pop-up window, which reported that the project needs help.