Raspberry Pi + = Kindle Kindle Berry Pi

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A Raspberry Pi, an old Kindle e-book reader, a few tools from the GNU repertoire and a little bash scripting connect to the Kindle Berry Pi.

When the OSS enthusiast and world traveler Gef Tremblay went in summer 2012 trip to Europe, he traveled with little technology in their luggage.Only an old Kindle, a camera, a phone and the Raspberry Pi with allowed. The plan was to travel during the Raspberry Pi use as a single computer and to use the Kindle as a screen.

Trembley, in his blog describes the necessary steps of the hack in detail. The main problem was, in addition to the Kindle to connect an external USB keyboard to use.

In a first step, the Kindle via jailbreak will be released in order to use it in this scenario, as the screen can. The next step is to install a terminal emulator such as kiterm and the program USBNetwork . The aim was to boot the Raspberry Pi including the connected Kindle display possible.

Trembley found the solution to have to use the keyboard of the Kindle, very unsatisfactory. On the other hand it was not possible to use an external keyboard connected. Here comes the multiplexer screen comes into play. Some adjustments in the file interfaces bashrc and inittabensure that the user is logging on is connected via USB network and automatically starts a screen multi-user session for him. In a second screen, the user can now log in again via SSH on the Kindle Berry Pi and instead of using the Kindle keyboard connected by USB keyboard. The Log SSH has yet to happen on the keyboard of the Kindle.

Trembley had thus not using a current Kindle and the Raspberry Pi tinkered for taking a trip computer. In the end he bought on the trip but a notebook as he personally Berry Pi as the Kindle was not sufficient for his needs. Trembley still sees a lot of potential for improvement and automation. This detracts nothing but the idea and the elegance of the hack.

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