Django 1.4 released

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The release 1.4 of the Django web framework is ready. It is the last version to support Python 2.5.

How the Django developers in their blog to announce they have released their version 1.4 based on Python web frameworks. The release notes lead to a variety of changes, including some that are designed to improve the security of Web applications that are written in Django. These are some improved password hashing with PBKDF2 and Bcrypt and devices to prevent cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and clickjacking.

In order to improve software quality Django 1.4 supports built-in browser tests with Selenium. The separate administration pages created by Django applications now use the HTML5 document type. The included management tool will generate a WSGI file that is used to provide Web applications through a web server via WSGI. Our own howto ‘s plus tips.

Version 1.4 is the latest Django release that supports Python 2.5 yet. From version 1.5, Django will require at least Python 2.6.

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