Ruby 1.9.3

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A year later, with the previous version, announced a new release of the “official” interpreter of the programming language Ruby.

In general, version 1.9.3 is the logical evolution of the interpreter and does not pose any major changes that could break compatibility with existing code.

Among the significant changes worth noting:

  • instead of GPLv2 + Ruby License uses a 2-clause BSD License + Ruby License;
  • in delivery of the RubyGems version 1.8.10;
  • improved mechanism for loading code , which significantly reduces the load time of applications;
  • Library work with dates rewritten in C, which also positively affects performance;
  • Included in the parallel execution test / unit.

A more detailed list of innovations is traditionally given in the file NEWS .

By the way, users rvm already have the ability to upgrade and enjoy all the innovations Ruby 1.9.3.

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