Flash Player 11 is nearing completion

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With the release of the first release candidate of the upcoming version of the Adobe Flash Player is paving the way towards a stable version. Among the new features of the upcoming version will include support includes 64-bit systems and better use of hardware acceleration.

After the previous beta versions of Adobe Flash Player dens functionally largely completed, the company focuses on the release of the first release candidate for the correction of errors and speeding. Under Linux, the company relies on the acceleration but still vendor-specific solutions such as Nvidia or Broadcom VDPAU Crystal HD. The VA-API is also in contrast to the release candidates are not supported.

The most important innovation of the next version of Flash Player provides direct support for 64-bit systems dar. Such packages are now available for all supported platforms. The Flash Player 11 also receives new programming interfaces for hardware-accelerated 3D functionality. As Stage3D labeled function enables accelerated 3-D display elements on all supported systems. Also allows the player to draw a cubic Bezier curves and higher speed of 2D functions. Under Linux, the print has been enhanced.

Another innovation came G.711 audio compression for telephony to the player. In addition, a code was incorporated into the H.264/AVC format, which you can get the webcam video directly to Flash Player, and HD with 7.1 surround sound channels. Also new is support for JPEG XR image format that will compress better than JPEG and provides alpha transparency. Protected Dynamic HTTP Streaming (HDS) is to allow you to stream licensed content.

For mobile devices, support for native GUI elements has been developed for text entry. Bitmaps can now be greater than 16 million pixels, and the compression of Flash content can be increased through the use of LZMA.

To select packages for 32 – and 64-bit systems. Supports, in addition to Linux and Mac OS X and Windows.

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