Adobe puts Flash fix a critical error in Linux because of the low value

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September 12 in bug tracking system, Adobe was reported that a critical error in Flash Player 11 for 32 – and 64-bit platforms. Bug is that Flash can not record sound with the “Default device” to ALSA.

Many popular Linux distributions to a given query “Default device” is forwarded to the PulseAudio-ALSA-plugin. At the same time, Flash is trying to use direct access to an audio device, so if the system as PulseAudio instead of simply relying on PulseAudio, Flash creates a list of audio devices on their own and trying to work with them directly. The path is either correct the error in the use of plug-PulseAudio-ALSA, or embed in support PulseAudio.

However, when the message about the problem in the bug tracking system, Adobe, you first post was closed and adjourned. Then again, one of the users posted this error message, but in other bug tracking system, Adobe, where it was observed the lowest priority. The discussion of such an attitude on the part of Adobe in to post comments, attended one of the main developers of PulseAudio , Colin Guthrie (Colin Guthrie), offering a team of Adobe assistance. Fellow Adobe, in turn, relied on nahvatku time to address all reported problems, which is why the consideration of such errors malookriticheskih always takes a long time, but was hoping for an understanding of users.

In response to Colin angrily CEO Adobe promised to write about the deepest contempt for users to Linux, failure to comply with the required procedures to support them, as well as third party developers to focus neudelenii root audio Linux-distributions. Colin spoke about the tremendous work that in case of further indifference from Adobe, to be done, including him, although the reason is the third-party application. He also stressed that he would strongly advise the creators of Linux distributions do not include delivery or Flash in the repository as long as the error is corrected.

The controversy began to develop gradually, here joined many users and developers (such as a web developer for vesheniya VOIP – vox.io), and finally Adobe employee pointed out the importance of feedback, assured all that aware of how serious the problem, noted post the highest priority and added that closing the bug does not mean forget about it and it disappears from view.

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