Plans to run for KDE 5

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The developers of the platform and free desktop environment KDE have presented at the Desktop Summit in Berlin, the future direction of the desktop. According to the “KDE platform” with “KDE framework” will be replaced and modularized, so they scale better on different classes of devices.

About three and a half years after the release of KDE 4, now run the planning work for the next generation of desktop environment. The current from the point of view this is probably the biggest change in the restructuring of the former “KDE his” platform “into a” KDE framework. But in contrast to KDE 4, which drew a substantial revision to be will turn out the changes in KDE five more evolutionary.

The bottom of the pan of the “KDE platform” to a “KDE Framework 5″ is the desire of the developers to purify KDE. Said Aaron J. Seigo in June has already unveiled plans for how the environment could be revised. Is because the KDE developers have realized that the platform is no longer exclusively used by KDE, but also from external applications, the workspace experience an extension to mobile devices, as well as Windows.

Becoming more numerous applications can and should be independently developed by KDE.

But portability does not only when considering the next generation of KDE a role. The modification will also further enhance the quality of the desktop and techniques are updated. It should however be the goal that the work does not hinder the development of KDE, as such. Initially therefore should continue to appear every six months, updates of KDE 4. Only when the works have progressed to the next generation so much that they can be used by application developers, they should be released.

Once the framework is in the first stable version of many different applications can be automatically switched to this version. The intention of the developers of KDE 5 prevent that hinder the work of applications and libraries against each other. In the best case, existing applications need only be recompiled so that they run on the new version of the platform.

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