Released Android 3.2

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New version of Android for Tablet PCs, which raised the level of API to 13th due to new changes in it.

The release is mainly focused on supporting programs that are not optimized for use on the plates.

Added support for a larger number of plates (mostly with 7 “display).
Now, applications with a fixed size can be scaled automatically to display them in larger devices (Previously, this had to be used Spare Parts).

On devices that support SD-cards, users can upload media files directly from SD-card applications that use them. The system allows the use of files from SD-card for any application from the Market.

Reworked API support for the screen. Now developers can “customize” the look of the application, depending on the resolution of the device. Accordingly, depending on the device, the application may look different.

In addition, there was a new SDK for developers SDK Tools r12 (including source code platform), Eclipse plugin (ADT 12), and updated the NDK to R6.

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