Mandriva with its own cloud development

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The Mandriva Linux distribution is planning its own cloud infrastructure based on open-source components and to avoid vendor lock-in.

To the extent that the clouds are becoming more popular, also increases the amount of software available to its management and organization. While other systems such as Linux distributions OpenNebula , cloud stack or Eucalyptus have already integrated, Mandriva in this respect so far nothing had been heard from itself.

That should change now. Mandriva is a French industrial consortium CompatibleOne joined in order to participate in the development of a free cloud infrastructure based on open standards and free software. With the system requires a manufacturer to avoid dependency.

CompatibleOne to make the setup, configuration and management of public, private and mixed clouds possible. It is intended to provide programming interfaces with which you can set up and configure Clouds, monitor and ensure the use of invoice.

Mandriva itself claims to want innovative services in the interoperability of virtualization technologies, modeling of infrastructure resources and interoperability of the respective management solutions, including the management of virtual networks develop. Mandriva Pulse 2 will be supplemented by necessary administrative functions.

CompatibleOne is under a free license on the OW 2 Forge will be published and is part of the Cloud-Ware initiative of OW2. Apart from several French Mandriva Open Source companies, Bull and INRIA Institut Telecom are involved in Compatible One .

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