Dog lungs and asparagus Tarzan: Gramps 3.3 supports nickname

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Addressed to the genealogist Gramps software is released in version 3.3. Gramps is available under the GPL and is implemented in Python. The software supports the widely used standard in genealogy GEDCOM.

In Gramps 3.3 persons name, the dialog for entering improved. Genealogists can now enter nickname, so that can also “Asparagus Tarzan” or “dog lung are classified” in the family history. Furthermore, several first names and patronyms (father name) better supported than last names.

All views can now be provided with the GrampsBar, access to Gramplets (plugins in Gramps) offers. The Gramplets family was extended by several representatives, by about a plugin to view meta-data in pictures and edit, or a detailed view. The recent “markers” are replaced by object-tags with which people leave, family, media, and notes to assign keywords.

Editor of the places has been revised and can come up with a new hierarchy structure, and geographical view takes in the new version back to Gramps osm-gps-map. Gramps is launched, installed plug-ins are automatically checked whether they are suitable for the current version. The Family Tree Report has been improved and input fields support the shortcut keys [CTRL + Z] and [CTRL + SHIFT + Z].

Gramps 3.3 requires Python 2.6 or newer. The number of languages ​​translated into genealogy software on Source Forge for different operating systems to download offered. Besides the pure application can also use the Linux Genealogy CD download, the current version 6.1 and Ubuntu is based on a pre-installed GRAMPS 3.2.5 contains.

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