Ubuntu derivative Linux Mint publishes 11

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The user-friendly Ubuntu Linux Mint branch appeared in the version 11.

Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux distributions. It already would have to re-install many drivers and media codecs, Flash, the user in Ubuntu tedious. In addition, the Linux Mint developers have developed several programs that allow users to facilitate use.

Linux Mint 11 is based on Ubuntu 11:04 ” Natty Narwhal “and uses as the default desktop, the best Gnome 2.32. As Linux kernel 2.6.38 is used. The changes affect mainly created by Linux Mint developers programs. The new features along with many updated packages include an improved package manager. This will start with a fun splash screen and features larger category icons. If a package is installed, the software manager knows exactly which packages are also installed or removed and how to change the space after installation on the target partition. Search users for new packages, they can now also include summaries of the applications with the search.

The code of the update manager has been cleaned up and partially revised. The rules for the security levels of individual packages are now directly included in the update manager and not have to be downloaded. The application searches only for updated packages, which should significantly speed up updates. In addition, the Update Manager can now resolve dependencies, so frequent in the past, “Broken packages’ notifications should no longer occur.

Other amendments concern the appearance. A new apt command allows you to download selected packages including dependencies and store locally. The micro-blogging client Gwibber is no longer installed by default and F-Spot was replaced by gThumb. The audio player Banshee replaced soft Rythmbox and office software OpenOffice.org office had libre.

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