Texas: Google in Linux patent case sentenced

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Google must pay restitution in the amount of five million dollars to the classified as a patent troll company “Bedrock make Computer Technologies.” This was decided by a jury in a district court in East Texas in a Linux-related patent litigation.

The Bedrock held by patent covers methods for deleting bad data in large memory systems by hashing from coming in, according to the company since version 2.4.22 in the Linux kernel used. The U.S. Patent 5,893,120 is therefore the reason for lawsuits against not only Google but also against Amazon, AOL, CME Group, Match.com, MySpace, PayPal, Yahoo and the little-known company soft layer and Citiware dar. The latter Companies are just like Bedrock resident in Texas and in the opinion of observers were sued only for the reason to reach a hearing before a court in the region. East Texas is considered a kind of hotbed for patent trolls, because the courts there known for their patent owner-friendly decisions.

The ruling could have far-reaching consequences, therefore, Müller therefore warns the German software patent critics Florian in his blog . Similarly, Red Hat also seems to see why the company is already a separate process has opened up to allow for error to declare the patent. The jury in the Google case, however, not only decided that a patent infringement, but also that the patent is valid according to U.S. standards is lax conditions.

Whether the verdict will survive is questionable, however. Google itself has stated that it would be against attacks like the defense of Bedrock Computer Technologies. It is conceivable, therefore, that Google will go in appeal and a decision is brought about by a higher authority. Among other things, in East Texas the first decision in Word patent dispute between the Canadian company i4i and Microsoft has fallen, which has now reached the Supreme Court.

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