Blender 2.57

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Development Team Blender, the popular free package for three-dimensional modeling and animation, has released the first stable release in the 2.5x branch.

In this thread just an incredible number of changes are just a small part of them:

  • completely redesigned user interface with customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Now you can animate all things.
  • All functions are available through the Blender Python Scripting API.
  • implemented a new mechanism to support their own extensions to the program.
  • introduced mass improvements in system modeling and hands.
  • revised system of particles is added simulation of smoke.
  • implemented rendering of bulk materials using voxels.
  • revised and markedly accelerated integrated ray tracer.
  • made improvements to the game engine.

The past few months, developers are engaged mainly bug fixes and hope that the next version, 2.58, will be the last in this thread. After that they will switch to work on 2.6h, where would include new features.

Blender 2.57 Release log

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