Wary Puppy 5.0 for older desktop computer

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Linux project Wary Puppy, a desktop distribution for older hardware, published in version 5.0.

The Linux using older versions of system software such as kernel and X.org 7.3 (xorg-server to support analog modems and older graphics cards better. As applications are including Firefox 2.0.7 and GIMP 2.7 on board, the Office needs, there is Abiword and GOffice. Details and a classification in the Puppy Linux project, it is more in the Release Notes .

According to the maintainer Barry Kauler Wary to long-term support for the years to get, there should be no fundamental changes to the system, only bug fixes and small updates of the applications. Kauler added to a FAQ posted on the Web.
Wary Puppy 5.0 is on the mirrors of the Puppy project, download Wary Puppy 5.0 the ready. There are two different size CD image to boot and install live act.

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